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We’re a different kind of agricultural technology company. With a history of applying discoveries across different biological disciplines to plant biology, we take a unique approach to helping solve global macro-challenges. From our focus on under-explored biological pathways to our underlying business model, we take a truly different approach to the development of better crops. We’re interested in helping 21st Century farmers solve 21st Century problems, and our data indicate we are on the right track.

As a nimble, privately-held company built upon the deep technical understanding represented by the decades of plant science research and discovery at the University of Texas, we believe we have a unique opportunity. Because we approach macro-challenges from a different angle, our technologies are synergistic with other new and existing technologies, giving us considerable commercial flexibility.

We’re seriously focused. That means we only move forward with projects that are independently and quantifiably verified as technically and economically viable and impactful. The result is maximum use of our resources directed toward only the most likely-to-succeed technology candidates. Development and commercialization drive everything we do.

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